About us

Our mission is to establish and deliver highly innovative, complex, mobile and scalable ehealth solutions, powered by a secured and reliable satellite communication network.

EMP (eHealth Mobile Platform) offers quality primary care, outpatient care, such as full stack medical diagnose solutions & services (e.g. ideal for monitoring and diagnosing hotspots in order to prevent the local, regional or global outbreak and spreading of specific epidemiological threats).  

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EMP's core values and components are, the state of the art medical equipments; the modular based SW package managed by the sophisticated central EMP-EMR, powered by a secure and enhanced satellite communication system, packed into a compact, mobile and robust healthcare container, designed and continuously improved thanks to the special expertise and know-how of branch experts.

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Upcoming Events

    Past Events

    • EMP_PoCT Use cases

    • EMP Mobile Epidemiology Labs

    • INTERSPUTNIK's Information day

      Budapest, Hungary
    • Africa Health

      Johannesburg, South Africa
    • Sixth "Satellite Communication in Germany"

      Bonn, Germany
    • Arab Health

      Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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