The usage of containers (Standard 40-foot HIGH-CUBE Container) is essential due to their robust and secure setup, flexibility in terms of design and last but not least the short operation and transport time, as it can be deployed in emergency areas very fast. It not only protects the local personnel, equipments and instruments from the various environmental threats, but it also fulfills the relevant requirements of high tech healthcare facilities. While respecting the logistic requirements in terms of its physical sizes, the 40-foot high cube, standard container size allows fast and safe transport on the road, water and air. Thanks to these attributes, it can be operational eminently.

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The container distinct areas are divided into 4 major departments:

  1. Administration:
    An administrational area, where recording of patients and any other administrative functions can be performed.
  2. Server Room:
    The server required for the operation of the SW systems (e.g. EMP-EMR), which serves as storage of digital data, but it also encrypts and transmits the stored data. The room is cooled, air-conditioned for the optimum and long-term operation of the servers and compeletly seal with seperate entrance from the other departments.
  3. Satellite communication:
    Integrates the hardware and software needed for satellite communication. Some of them are physically placed in the server room. The antenna of the satellite communication system, the so called satellite transmitter is installed in the container in an integrated manner thus facilitating transport and on-site assembly.
  4. Medical departments:
    Container offers and ensures secure sealed space for standard medical, radiology such as laboratory facilities (e.g. from BSL-1, BSL-2 (1st and 2nd Biosafety Level) functions up to even the BSL-3). With the help of the most effective air filters e.g. Highly Effective Particulate Air (HEPA) or Ultra Low Particle-Air (ULPA) a sophisticated biohazard waste treatment module such as safe disinfection and sterilization system it covers the relevant healthcare typical safety criterias!
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Our philosophy is to always use the latest and most reliable technologies available on various markets, in order to deliver quality services that meet exact demands.

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Software (EMR, LIMS, PoCT, RIS, PACS, Telemedicine etc.)

Thanks to EMP's modular based setup, workflows and functions always fully comply with the healthcare tasks defined by the end-user such as with the latest global eHealth standards. While developing and selecting the best possible technologies, the focus is on delivering software components that not only match the client needs, but also are flexible enough to match the constantly changing environment and are also able to adapt to the latest trends.

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The Communication platform is an essential part of EMP, as it not only can connects the several parts, sub-systems but it also ensures real time communication with any 3rd party around the world, through the embed satellite communication system.

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