EMP_PoCT Use cases

Remote testing became a crucial pillar of next generation healthcare systems. COVID-19 Pandemic underlined the importance of efficient remote ehealth solutions. These challenging times highlighted the necessity of affordable and immediate PoCT solutions that offer beyond next to the patient's bed the possibility to perform testing anywhere and anytime.

EMP Technologies Ltd. has successfully integrated and tested its EMP PoCT application and services while being connected to ROCHE's equipment integration layer.
During this process the "HAOSZ - Hungarian General Practitioners Online Organization" played a significant role, while providing relevant advice and support through the whole process, in order to achieve a fully functional, yet professionally tested and assured environment.

Thanks to the quality assured and integrated environment, EMP PoCT with the trusted ROCHE mobile devices, is able to offer Remote Healthcare testing & assistance with significantly reduced resource shortages and support the heavily overloaded healthcare ecosystems."