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EMP (eHealth Mobile Platform) is a complex healthcare ecosystem (in a container), that is robust, compact and flexible enough to be deployed anytime and anywhere. Ideal for rural areas or high density populations, with the need to perform immediate examinations and/or to diagnose in time health related issues.

EMP offers containerized solutions that can cover the full spectrum of Primary and Outpatient care such as Medical Diagnostics, through special containerized units for:

  • Primary & Outpatient;
  • Emergency;
  • Internal Medicine & Minor surgery; 
  • Laboratory, Dentistry;
  • Radiology & Cardiology care.

Through its core electronic medical record (EMR) software and its enhanced 24/7 satellite communication service, it ensures real-time and fully protected data evaluation.

The sophisticated Telemedicine module and services enable remote operation (no need for on-site physicians).

It’s uniquely developed state of the art software system, is highly innovative and merges certain sub-systems into an efficiency operating unique system. By using our integrated Telemedicine screening units which can collect and examine samples locally in rural hotspots, without the need of having Doctors on site (difficult and expensive) we are able to transfer the locally recorded results to Doctors located on different geo-positions for final diagnose (diagnose will be transferred back to the centralized EMR).

Thanks to its modular based setup, the EMP-EMR fully complies with the healthcare tasks defined by the user. While developing and selecting the best possible technologies, the focus was on delivering software components that not only match the client needs, but are also flexible enough to match the constantly changing environment. Thanks to its intuitive design and workflows, the operating personnel need close to no training that applies also to sub-systems and modules, as the logic is the same in all the relevant modules and sub-systems. As such the respective requests, workflows between systems, can be easily tailored to the needs of the specific environment.

As a compact and request oriented system, compared to the conventional legacy systems, it can be deployed in an extremely short period of time. Its deployment time to the affected area is crucial in case of an epidemiological threat.

Thanks to the advanced technologies used in EMP's softwares, essential results - which contain significant information from commercial and state security point of view - can be accessed immediately. Today, more than ever international epidemiological data on human and animal epidemics became extremely valuable and prospective (dynamically growing, not saturated). The most valuable data are the morbidity indexes of BSL 1-2 groups (internationally classified) as well as respiratory infections (various influenza viruses, COVID-19, RSV infection, avian influenza, etc.), hepatitis infections, gastro enteral infections (various types of enterovirus, rotaviruses, caliciviruses).

The embed PCR “Polymerase chain reaction” technology can be used to detect particularly dangerous BSL 3-4 (human and animal) infectious diseases (eg, anthrax, cholera, ebola, typhoid) to avoid crisis’s, like the ones provoked by the latest massive epidemics in:

  • 2003 the Atypical SARS outbreaks in China;

  • 2005-2006 the outbreak of avian influenza in Asia;

  • 2009 the Swine flu epidemic;

  • 2012 - 2013 the Saudi Arabia and 2015 South Korean MERS epidemic;

  • 2014 the West African ebola epidemic;

  • 2016 the Zika epidemic in South America;

  • 2016 - 2018 the Yemen Cholera outbreak;

  • 2018 the DR Congo ebola outbreak;

  • 2019 the Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak;

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    • EMP_PoCT Use cases

    • EMP Mobile Epidemiology Labs

    • INTERSPUTNIK's Information day

      Budapest, Hungary
    • Africa Health

      Johannesburg, South Africa
    • Sixth "Satellite Communication in Germany"

      Bonn, Germany
    • Arab Health

      Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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